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The SEAT Leon Eurocup will wrap an intense season of action at the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit this weekend. The single make series will end 2015 on ‘home turf’ after visiting six other European venues (Paul Ricard, Estoril, Silverstone, Red Bull Ring, Nürburgring and Monza). With the standings closer than ever and the title all to play for – Pol Rosell (Baporo Motorsport) and Stian Paulsen (Stian Paulsen Racing) are tied on 72 points – Barcelona will witness an exciting finale to the campaign and a situation that all fans of motorsport will relish.

After a tremendous term by both drivers the Spaniard and the Norwegian still have to tussle for the 23 points up for grabs (ten for each race and three for ‘pole’) around the Montmeló layout; an ideal stage for the sought-after crown of the international series.


Reigning No.1 Pol Rosell has so far accumulated three victories, two second positions and two third positions this season. Stian Paulsen meanwhile – fifth in last year’s edition of the SEAT Leon Eurocup – has notched two ‘poles’, two victories, two runner-up places and two thirds. Both will be pushing for the big prize this weekend at Montmeló, where excitement and anticipation will surround the SEAT Leon Eurocup once again.

The Barcelona-Catalunya circuit, 4655m in length and with 16 turns, nine right and seven to the left, is considered one of the most technical tracks on the SEAT Leon Eurocup calendar and is an appropriate arena for the 2015 title showdown. Two sprints will decide the season, the first on Saturday 31st of October and the second on Sunday 1st of November and the final destination of the single make series trophy.

Added to the entry list and ramping up the sense of expectation and exhilaration further is SEAT ambassador Laia Sanz, who has the chance at the wheel of her Cup Racer, to get in the mix with the vast international grid and make her presence felt among the leaders.


Jaime Puig, Director de SEAT Sport: “We arrive to the last round of the SEAT Leon Eurocup with the best situation we could have hoped for: the title to be won and the two main rivals tied on points. We’ve seen some amazing and exciting scenes in every race run at the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit. If this is a normal characteristic of our series then I think we will see it pushed to the max this weekend with both Pol Rosell y Stian Paulsen knowing that everything is on the line and the status of champion is within reach. I think all the fans that will head to the circuit and follow through the official App – and I’m sure there will be many – will enjoy the show and the thrilling end to this year’s SEAT Leon Eurocup.”

Laia Sanz, SEAT ambassador: “I’m really looking forward to again jump in my Cup Racer. I love to compete, whatever the discipline, but the truth is that the feeling when I’m behind the wheels of the Cup Racer is spectacular. When I was approached to drive I gladly accepted right away. We’ll have a lot of fun.”

2015 SEAT Leon Eurocup standings:

1. Pol Rosell (#1), Baporo Motorsport; 72 points
2. Stian Paulsen (#34), Stian Paulsen Racing; 72 points
3. Mikel Azcona (#6), PCR Sport; 55 points
4. Julien Briché (#3), JSB Competition; 43 points
5. Jordi Oriola (#33), Target Competition; 37 points
6. Alexander Morgan (#22), Baporo Motorsport; 36 points
7. Mario Dablander (#61), Target Competition; 35 points
8. Fran Rueda (#28), Monlau Competición; 34 points
9. Shane Anthony Williams (#8), Wolf-Power Racing; 24 points
10. Lucile Cypriano (#9), JSB Competition; 19 points (LT)*
11.Mauricio Hernández (#10), Target Competition; 16 points
12. Thibaut Mourgues (#5), JSB Competition; 14 points
13. Loris Hezemans (#50), Target Competition; 13 points
14. Jonathan Cocker (#8), Wolf-Power Racing; 11 points
15. Manuel Gião (#2), Baporo Motorsport; 6 points
16. Norbert Kiss (#15), B3 Hungary KFT; 5 points
17. Jürgen Schmarl (#11), Target Competition; 5 points
18. David Cebrián (#4), Monlau Competición; 4 points
19. Andrina Gugger (#24), Target Competition; 2 points (LT)*
20. Lourenço Beirão Da Veiga (#20), Liboro Racing Team; 1 point

* Ladies Trophy