From Martorell to the world: forwarding 2.000 cars a day

by / Comments Off on From Martorell to the world: forwarding 2.000 cars a day / 131 View / November 18, 2014

Every day more than 2.000 cars leave the SEAT production plant at Martorell, each one with a customer waiting. “The manufacturing process of a car is complex, but so too is the entire logistical chain which begins when the vehicles comes off the assembly line to await forwarding to its final destination” says Alberto Rama, supervisor of the Martorell car holding areas.

Mobile phone in hand together with forwarding documentation, Alberto moves from one side to another to make sure that the complex setup involving so many cars is well-coordinated with the different modes of transport. Errors are not an option, since because of them “a client could get a car later than they expected”, he warns.

“More than 80% of the total volume of SEAT production is exported to over 75 countries all over the world”, he highlights. Thirty-four per cent of all cars distributed go by train. “We have a fixed number of three trains a day going to the port and, depending on the day, another one or two trains which take care of domestic and international transport”, he adds. In addition to this, some 150 lorries are used daily to transport cars to other destinations.

Alberto, who has been working at SEAT for 11 years, considers that the logistics team has a weighty responsibility because “the final product goes through our hands”. Walking between apparently endless well-ordered rows of cars, he admits that “when you see a car that has Finland, Colombia or Russia as a final destination, I always think that a customer in some faraway part of the world will soon be driving it”.