“I want to be a racing engineer”

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Martorell, 04/11/2014. – He’s beginning university next year, and Álex Bisbal has his sights clearly set on being an aerodynamics engineer so as to be able to design cars, or at least be part of a big-name racing team. Of course, it is one thing to imagine what this world might be like, and quite another to live in close contact with it. Álex has had the opportunity to be around behind the scenes over the recent competition weekend of the SEAT Leon Eurocup 2014. Far from diminishing, his vocation has gained even more strength.

“The world of cars is a tradition at home. My father works at SEAT, we have always watched motor racing on the television, and when I was small I went to the circuit”. He is only 16 years old, but Álex Bisbal has always had his sights clearly set on being an aerodynamics engineer “What I would like to do is design the forms of cars. It is a very exciting science, which has repercussions in the real world”.

Over the recent competition weekend at the Barcelona-Catalunya (Montmeló) Circuit Álex, together with his family, had the opportunity to get first-hand knowledge of everything surrounding top-level competition motor racing. The first thing he did was to go to Laia Sanz’s box and talk to the engineers. What is the top speed a car can reach at Montmeló? He’s told that the Leon Cup Racer can hit 235 kph at the end of a straight.

The race begins, and Álex enjoys himself in the pit lane. Xavier Serra, SEAT’s head racing engineer, who is also in charge of technical development at SEAT Sport, tells him that “aerodynamics is of vital importance in a car. We are always searching for the right balance between maximum support and the least resistance to forward movement”.

The race ends with Pol Rosell as the winner. Then Álex lives one of the most thrillingly intense moments of the day – being in Pol’s box, getting into his car and sitting in the driver’s seat. Touching the car, the steering wheel, becomes an unforgettable experience for him. And he harbours no doubts – his dream is none other than to “be part of a team of a big-name racing team and work with the drivers. Even as a simple technician, that would be the goal, to be member of any team, and in any position”.

A special chemistry immediately arises between Álex and Pol. The fact is that the driver knows exactly what is involved in fighting for a vocation. And for this reason he tells the youngster “My advice is that he should study, get really well prepared. There is a future here, and with determination and effort, the sky’s the limit”. For the moment, his experience of top-level motor racing has been as a visitor. But who can tell…in the future, Álex Bisbal may well be giving orders as an engineer. If his enthusiasm alone were the determining factor, he would be unbeatable.
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