MK3 Leon SC reviewed by MK2 Leon owner

MK3 Leon SC reviewed by MK2 Leon owner

by / 0 Comments / 2597 View / November 21, 2013

Leon Owners Club member James D was invited by our good friends Jennings SEAT to spend a few hours with a MK3 Leon after he said on the Leon Owners Club Facebook group that he wasn’t as keen on the MK3 Leon and preferred the MK2 Leon, Below are his words after testing the MK3 Leon.


As an owner of a MK2 SEAT Leon FR 2.0TFSI I was so excited to be offered the opportunity to drive a brand new 63 plate SEAT Leon FR 2.0TDI 184ps. I had seen the new model on the internet and wasn’t totally sold on the new styling.

As the car entered my street my mind was changed instantly, The car is slick, lovely lines, cool wheels, double exhaust and a racing stripe graphic which has been added by the dealer. Upon entering the car as a passenger i instantly knew this was a big step up up from my MK2 Leon, Beautifully styled interior with all the “toys” including full LED lighting which is a nice touch, The dashboard display offered more information than Wikipedia such as oil temp, coolant tempt, range, MPG, average MPG, Distance to next refill,  distance travelled, time travelled,  which is impressive.  I was driven to a service station where I swapped over the the drivers seat.



I decided now was the time to test out the optional extra SEAT Sound system, I took the system up to its midrange in volume and it stayed crystal clear unlike the system in the MK2 Leon which distorts at medium volume, Again very impressed and a well worth it as an optional extra.

I then left the A road I was on and headed for a back road, the car still handled beautifully and seemed like this is what it was built for. Instant delivery of power out of the corners, very little roll, this car is effortless to drive and very rewarding as the smile on my face showed, At this point I’m starting to fall for the MK3 Leon.

On arrival back at home I decided to get in the rear of the car of the car and at 6’4 and over 20 stone this was going to be challenging, I did fit in the back with the seat all the way back, it wasn’t nice squeezing back out of the car however but a five door version is available which would address this issue.

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If I had to sum up the MK3 Leon in one word it would be “smooth”. A very pretty car with  bags of power and fun to drive. If I was going to change my car and money wasn’t an issue would the MK3 Leon be a contender?, simply put, yes, indeed. A pleasure to drive, lots of power and lots of fun.

The MK3 Leon SC FR 2.0TDI 184ps get a 5* review from me, thanks to Jennings SEAT and Leon Owners Club for making this possible, happy motoring, peace.


The car provided on the day was a MK3 Leon SC FR 2.0TDI 184ps with manual transmission, Provided by Jennings SEAT of Middlesbrough our club sponsors.