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  • Baporo Motorsport’s Dutch driver combines pole position with two victories after the brace of outings at Paul Ricard
  • Followed by Julien Briché (JSB Competition) and Lucile Cypriano (JSB Competition) the Dutchman completed an epic comeback in the second race today 
  • Frenchwoman Lucile Cypriano was third and fronts the ‘Ladies Trophy’

On the podium after the second race at Paul Ricard

Today Paul Ricard has become a talismanic circuit for Dutch driver Niels Langeveld (Baporo Motorsport). Nobody – including the racer himself – could have imagined after taking pole position yesterday that the Baporo Motorsport representative would have become the new ‘king’ of the SEAT Leon Eurocup in the wake of two consecutive wins around the French layout. With 3 podiums, 3 victories and 2 poles to his name Niels Langeveld has very much become the man to beat. If yesterday’s race went totally to plan, then today could not have started any worse. Setting off from tenth position and with some very fast competitors ahead, the Baporo Motorsport driver set an immensely effective rhythm from the outset where he completed some intelligent and conservative laps. The Dutchman was both cautious but able, and charged through the pack in such a manner than many at Paul Ricard will not forget.


Niels Langeveld new leader of the SEAT Leon Eurocup

Yesterday it was Mikel Azcona (PCR Sport) and Alex Morgan (Wolf Racing) who followed Langeveld onto the rostrum but today it was Julién Briché (JSB Competition) and his protege Lucile Cypriano (JSB Competition) who classified second and third respectively. Excitement and intensity were the principal ingredients of the two sprints witnessed at the mythical French circuit and where the SEAT Leon Eurocup saw a new change of leader. Stian Paulsen (Stian Paulsen Racing) saw his podium streak broken for the first time in 2016 having made the top three in every outing up until this weekend; the Norwegian is bound to bounce back strong in the next outing for the SEAT Leon Eurocup.


On the podium after the first race at Paul Ricard, Britains Alex Morgan came 3rd.

In the series standings Niels Lanngeveld (Baporo Motorsport) heads the way with 108 points and is chased by Stian Paulsen (Stian Paulsen Racing) with 105 and Spaniard Mikel Azcona (PCR Sport) is third with 92 points. In the ‘Ladies Trophy’ category Lucile Cypriano continues to lead with 50 points and with one eye already on the title.

The teams and drivers of the international single made series will now head to Italy where, for the first time, the SEAT Leon Eurocup will visit the scenic Tuscan circuit of Mugello.
After proceedings ended in France thoughts were already turning to the next fixture in the SEAT Leon Eurocup that will take place on the 16-17 July.


Stian Paulsen

Niels Langeveld, Baporo Motorsport, 1st in the second race of the 2016 SEAT Leon Eurocup, 1st in the series standings: “What more could I ask for? To take pole and victory in the two races here has been amazing. We began from tenth today and from the obvious difficulty from starting quite far back I think we were fast while also driving smart and from the very first moments of the race. My car really flew! I felt comfortable right-away and kept passing drivers until I reached the front. I want to thank my team for the sensational job they did here.”

Julien Briche, JSB Competition, 2nd in the second race of the 2016 SEAT Leon Eurocup, 2nd in the series standings:“We are very happy to have reached our first podium finish here at Paul Ricard. Even though it is our home circuit – and one that we haven’t done too many laps around recently – it was far from an easy race. Anyway we put two JSB Competition cars onto the podium so we have to be satisfied. Now we have to keep on working hard, above all on the configuration of the car for the next race that will take place at the Mugello circuit.”

Lucile Cypriano, JSB Competition, 3rd in the second race of the 2016 SEAT Leon Eurocup, leader of the Ladies Trophy:“This is my second podium of the season so I have to be happy even though it was quite tricky for us to find the best setting this weekend. We have to keep working to remain competitive for the next races. I continue to lead the ‘Ladies Trophy’ and I really hope we can continue in the same way.”

Jaime Puig, Director of SEAT Sport: “It has been an intense weekend where we have been able to enjoy two really exciting races. After the great performances by Niels Langeveld here at Paul Ricard the SEAT Leon Eurocup is becoming even more interesting. We have a new leader in the standings but the points difference is very tight so it can only get more fascinating!”


Niels Langeveld

Race 2 classification:

1. Niels Langeveld (#10), Baporo Motorsport; 25’37.162
2. Julien Briche (#3), JSB Competition; + 4.990
3. Lucile Cypriano (#9), JSB Competition; + 5.960
4. Alex Morgan (#5), Wolf Racing; + 6.393
5. Stian Paulsen (#34), Stian Paulsen Racing; +12.656
6. Lucas Orrock (#4), Wolf Racing; +17.318
7. Lourenço Beirao Da Veiga (#20), PCR Sport; +17.758
8. Marie Baus-Coppens (#21), JSB Competition; +20.173
9. Nelson Lukes (#50), Kworx Racing; +21.113
10. Maurits Sandberg (#99), Baporo Motorsport; +22.030
11. Facundo Della Motta (#44), Baporo Motorsport; +36.044

Non classified:
Mikel Azcona (#1), PCR Sport

Race 1 classification:

1. Niels Langeveld (#10), Baporo Motorsport; 25’34.562
2. Mikel Azcona (#1), PCR Sport; +1.975
3. Alex Morgan (#5), Wolf Racing; + 6.530
4. Julien Briche (#3), JSB Competition; + 10.059
5. Stian Paulsen (#34), Stian Paulsen Racing; +13.796
6. Lourenço Beirao Da Veiga (#20), PCR Sport; +19.897
7. Nelson Lukes (#50), Kworx Racing; +27.064
8. Lucas Orrock (#4), Wolf Racing; +27.333
9. Marie Baus-Coppens (#21), JSB Competition; +27.521
10. Maurits Sandberg (#99), Baporo Motorsport; +29.311

Non classified:
Lucile Cypriano (#9), JSB Competition
Facundo Della Motta (#44), Baporo Motorsport

2016 SEAT Leon Eurocup standings:

1. Niels Langeveld (#10), Baporo Motorsport; 108 points
2. Stian Paulsen (#34), Stian Paulsen Racing; 105 points
3. Mikel Azcona (#1), PCR Sport; 92 points
4. Alex Morgan (#5), Wolf Racing; 74 points
5. Lucile Cypriano (#9), JSB Competition; 61 points
6. Julien Briche (#3), JSB Competition; 59 points
7. Lourenço Beirao Da Veiga (#20), PCR Sport; 50 points
8. Facundo Della Motta (#44), Baporo Motorsport; 34 points
9. Mauricio Hernandez (#17), PCR Sport; 17 points
10. Maurits Sandberg (#99), Baporo Motorsport; 13 points
11. Lucas Orrock (#4), Wolf Racing; 12 points
12. Nelson Lukes (#8), Kworx; 9 points
13. Pol Rosell (#13), Baporo Motorsport; 7 points
14. Marie Baus-Coppens (#21), JSB Competition; 6 points
15. Jimmy Antunes (#2), JSB Competition; 1 points
15. Amalia Vinyes (#13), Baporo Motorsport; 1 points