SEAT Sport Leon Eurocup Silverstone

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  • Stian Paulsen doesn’t score in Race 2
  • Second podium of the season for Spaniard Pol Rosell in race 2
  • first of the year for B3 Racing’s Gabor Wéber  in race 2
  • Julien Briché Barrel rolls on lap 1 of race 2
  • Great Britain represented by Piers Ward

Leon Owners Club were very kindly invited to attend the Silverstone rounds of the 2014 SEAT Sport Leon Eurocup by the SEAT Sport.


On Saturday the teams did battle for places on the grid. Ference Ficza of Gaspar Racing finally took pole position from Pol Rosell of Baporo Motorsport. Top Gear Magazine guest driver Piers Ward qualified 21st in his first qualifying session of the Leon Eurocup. The qualifying session was wet , On lap 2 Julien Briché set a 2.34.884 which nobody else managed to beat but was later found to have set this under yellow flags.

Piers Ward #91

Piers Ward #91

Qualifying results
1. Ferenc Ficza (#55), Gaspar Racing, 2:35.909
2. Pol Rosell (#12), Baporo Motorsport, 2:35.916
3. Manuel Giao (#5), Baporo Motorsport, 2:35.962
4. Stian Paulsen (#34), Stian Paulsen Racing, 2:36.416
5. Marcos de Diego (#20), Pujolar Racing, 2:36.591
6. Antonio Martínez (#54), Pujolar Racing, 2:36.680
7. Stefano Zanini (#69), Dinamic, 2:37.037
8. Gabor Wéber (#1), B3 Racing, 2:37.081
9. Stefano Comini (#25) Target Competition, 2:37.197
10. Jose Monroy (#88), Veloso Motorsport, 2:37.200
11. Jordi Oriola (#33), Target Competition, 2:37.262
12. Norbert Tóth (#47), Gaspar Racing, 2:37.456
13. Amalia Vinyes (#13), Baporo Motorsport, 2:37.582
14. Alex Carbonell (#4), Monlau Competición, 2:37.741
15. Fran Rueda (#28), Monlau Competición, 2:37.853
16. Lorenzo Veglia (#7), Target Competition, 2:38.573
17. Juergen Schmarl (#11), Target Competition, 2:38.665
18. Marie Baus-Coppens (#21), JSB Competition, 2:389.035
19. Marco Pellegrini (#67), Marco Pellegrini, 2:39.333
20. Edina Bus (#87), B3 Racing, 2:39.610
21. Piers Ward (#91), SEAT Sport, 2:41.434
22. Jaume Font Casas (#3), Monlau Competición, 2:42.188
23. Julien Briché (#2), JSB Competition, no time 


Race 1 was won by the pole sitter Forenc Ficza who lead every lap of the race and pulled out a 5 second lead before taking the chequered flag. Behind however things were not so simple and several small battles were taking place. Paulsen was battling hard to keep Martínez and Comini behind and further back Jordi Oriola tried to keep Briché behind, Oriola however had to retire due to damage which happened during the battle.


Race 1 results
1. Ferenc Ficza (#55), Gaspar Racing
2. Stian Paulsen (#34), Stian Paulsen Racing
3. Antonio Martínez (#54), Pujolar Racing
4. Stefano Comini (#25) Target Competition
5. Marcos de Diego (#20), Pujolar Racing
6. Pol Rosell (#12), Baporo Motorsport
7. Manuel Giao (#5), Baporo Motorsport
8. Julien Briché (#2), JSB Competition
9. Fran Rueda (#28), Monlau Competición
10. Norbert Tóth (#47), Gaspar Racing
11. Jose Monroy (#88), Veloso Motorsport
12. Alex Carbonell (#4), Monlau Competición
13. Amalia Vinyes (#13), Baporo Motorsport
14. Stefano Zanini (#69), Dinamic
15. Marco Pellegrini (#67), Marco Pellegrini
16. Edina Bus (#87), B3 Racing
17. Jaume Font Casas (#3), Monlau Competición
18. Piers Ward (#91), SEAT Sport
19. Lorenzo Veglia (#7), Target Competition
20. Jordi Oriola (#33), Target Competition
21. Juergen Schmarl (#11), Target Competition

Not classified
22. Marie Baus-Coppens (#21), JSB Competition
23. Gabor Wéber (#1), B3 Racing 



Early Sunday afternoon LeonOC attended the grid walk for Race 2, The teams did their prep work and the race was ready to start.

Antonio Martínez made a blistering start and snatched the lead from Stefano Zanini and Pol Rosell, At the rear Julien Briché tagged another car while turning into the first corner and ended up barrel rolling into the gravel, He walked away from the accident we are pleased to say. The safety car was deployed and kept the pace till lap 4. Piers Ward was caught up in the accident and retired.

Comini snatched the lead from Rosell on lap 5 and never looked back. Antonio Martínez who has been going well got the black and orange flag on several occasions because his rear bumper was hanging off and was eventually black flagged for this.  Several small battles were once again going on, Jordi Oriola well a truly rolling up his sleeves and getting stuck in battling 16 year old Norbert Tóth who only joined the Eurocup this weekend. 

The chequered flag came down on Comini who won his second race of the year to take the top spot in the championship.  Wéber who came 3rd was on the podium for the first time. 


LeonOC attended the podium celebrations for race 2 and caught Wéber’s champagne cork.


Race 2 results
1. Stefano Comini (#25) Target Competition
2. Pol Rosell (#12), Baporo Motorsport
3. Gabor Wéber (#1), B3 Racing
4. Manuel Giao (#5), Baporo Motorsport
5. Ferenc Ficza (#55), Gaspar Racing
6. Marcos de Diego (#20), Pujolar Racing
7. Jordi Oriola (#33), Target Competition
8. Fran Rueda (#28), Monlau Competición
9. Amalia Vinyes (#13), Baporo Motorsport
10. Jose Monroy (#88), Veloso Motorsport
11. Alex Carbonell (#4), Monlau Competición
12. Norbert Tóth (#47), Gaspar Racing
13. Stefano Zanini (#69), Dinamic
14. Juergen Schmarl (#11), Target Competition
15. Marie Baus-Coppens (#21), JSB Competition
16. Lorenzo Veglia (#7), Target Competition
17. Edina Bus (#87), B3 Racing
18. Jaume Font Casas (#3), Monlau Competición
19. Marco Pellegrini (#67), Marco Pellegrini
20. Stian Paulsen (#34), Stian Paulsen Racing

Not classified
21. Antonio Martínez (#54), Pujolar Racing
22. Julien Briché (#2), JSB Competition
23. Piers Ward (#91), SEAT Sport

Ferenc Ficza, winner of Race 1, said: “It’s such a good feeling to have finally won my first race of the season and to have done it here, at such a legendary circuit like Silverstone! The car is perfect and I want to thank the team because it’s been a dream to drive it, not only in the race but also in qualifying, where I was fastest. It’s been a very strong weekend and I already look forward to the next race weekend in Belgium.”

Stefano Comini, winner of Race 2 and new series leader, said: “It feels great! I have to say it’s a bit of a surprise to end up here on the top step of the podium, so I’m absolutely delighted with how the weekend has ended. I love this track, Silverstone is a circuit that has always brought me good luck and where I’ve won races in the past. It’s incredible to finish first after starting from ninth. The car was perfect, we deserve a good celebration tonight!”

Jaime Puig, Head of SEAT Sport, said: “It’s been a very exciting weekend of racing, we can all be very pleased, not only with the quality of the races but also with how the SEAT Leon Eurocup is building up to be one of the most exciting seasons ever. After three rounds and six races, we now get to the mid point of the season with a new driver in the lead, Stefano Comini, but I have no doubt that many drivers will fight until the end and not make it easy for him. There’s three rounds left, anything can happen and I look forward to it!” 


The Leon Eurocup now heads to Spa, LeonOC hope to attend the Spa rounds aswell.

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